News from DAREB fans!

CMC’s R&D department recently released,  after a period of theoretical analysis and several tests, the first brushless DAREB fa

n (already designed as high efficient solution), but available in constant flow “sensorless” mode.

All the DAREB fans that will follow, designed in this configuration, will have separate inverter, closure IP20  and possibility to b

e used with constant  flow, via external 0-10 Vdc signal or manual regulation.  

From R&D department another interesting news: the launch of the fan DAREB 7/7 211100N 1F 1V + FL our code. 111200H, brushless motor with integrated inverter, but in version compliant with CSA/UL standards (Canadian and American standards).

The product  is available now, even if for small quantities. Drawing and Test are available on our web page in the dedicate section.