ErP 2018 – The minimum static efficiency level for ventilation units is now more demanding in the Eu market!

Static Pressure and Airflow

Starting January the 1st 2018, the new values set in the Regulation 1253/2014 related to the “minimum static efficiency” and “the specific fan power (SFP)” of the ventilation units have become mandatory.

These new requirements are now stricter than those applicable during the past 2 years and if from one side this brings a general benefit to the European economy, on the other one it will cause the Eu manufacturers to rush for a quick update in order to preserve their Eu market positions.

Having regard to that, CMC Ventilazione has always accepted the different challenges arisen from the market and thanks to its test-chamber (compliant with AMCA 210) standard procedure, it can demonstrate in any moment that its CBT filtration units and MCK airboxes minimum-static-efficiency values are comprised into the perimeter established by the Regulation 1253/2014.

Through this pragmatism, nourished by its desire of incessant improvement and by a steady will for innovation, CMC Ventilazione can proudly state it takes to the market safe, high-performing CBT filtration units and MCK airboxes compliant with the newest technical rules… therefore, in essence, products ready to a blunt confrontation with any other competition proposal… on equal terms!

A new challenge has begun: here we are!!!