CMC Ventilazione has introduced into the market new solutions for the purification, sterilization and deodorizing of air through the use of UV lamps, UV lamps not subject to WEEE. 

For the RESIDENTIAL sector: 

PR SYSTEM: small portable device mainly used in offices and rooms of nursing homes.

         It reduces 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, molds and odors.

AIRCARE: portable system or with the possibility of fixing to the wall used in medical studies, houses with animals and smokers, in the waste collection point and much more.       

         It reduces 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, molds and odors.

For the COMMERCIAL sector: 

MINIPOWERZONE: is intended for use by professionals in the following commercial environments: Shopping Centers, Hotels, Restaurants, Gyms, Hospitals, Medical Centers, Pools,

Smoking Rooms, Kennels, Catteries, Food Storage Deposits, Waste Collection Depots, Service Areas and many still others.       

         It reduces 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, molds and odors.

OGR: OGR Pro is an automatic cleaning solution for installation in pre-existing commercial kitchen hoods.

The system uses ultraviolet (UV) radiation and the photoplasma to eliminate fat and odor particles.

The length and quantity of the UV lamps specified depend on the air flow of the hood and on the gravity of the fat load in the food being prepared.​

For the INDUSTRIAL sector:

COILCARE: automates the cleaning of evaporator coils without the use of chemicals, optimizes the performance of the HVAC system, reduces the time and cost of labor for cleaning the batteries;

in order not to emphasize the significant energy savings that the system has when it is clean.

The system also guarantees the elimination and multiplication of bacteria, viruses and organic growth on the surfaces of the coil.

Improvement of the system efficiency and improvement of the evident and significant IAQ air quality.​​​​

INDUCT: The canal purification and sterilization system has been designed to reduce maintenance costs for channel cleaning and to keep pipelines clean.

Pipelines always clean and no longer dirty and worn by the products used to clean them.

CMC Ventilation not only fans but air purification, sterilization and deodorization systems.
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