Centrifugal fan with anticorrosive treatments
Manufactured fan in injection-moulded polypropylene, designed with acid-proof materials for extracting the acid fumes

  • Equipped with EC motor with built-in converter, particularly used where resistance to chemical agents is required
  • Max airflow 5000 m³/h
Fan type Fan code ErP Conformity Motor power [Win] 0÷10 Vdc regulation Motor IP Power supply
SAPPE 140 1F 1V 1121000 Excluded 180 ok 55 230/1/50-60
SAPPE 250 1F 1V 1121001 Excluded 550 ok 55 230/1/50-60
SAPPE 300 1F 1V 1121002 Excluded 1100 ok 55 230/1/50-60

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