SAREB external EC motor

Centrifugal fans, single inlet, direct driven with brushless external rotor motor and with forward curved blades

  • Fans manufactured with galvanized steel sheet, special painting or steel execution possible on request
  • Cochlea in galvanized steel sheet, cold assembled with TOX stapled or welding (it depends on models)
  • Forward curved blades, or other execution possible chosen in association with the motor to achieve maximum efficiency
  • Brushless motor external or internal rotor, with separated or integrated electronical of ultimate generation, closed with IP44/55 with software overload control (without magnet), in addition to the normal thermal protector normally closed
  • Continuous speed regulation by external signal 0-10Vdc or potentiometer (in option) for a manual regulation
  • Soft start series
  • Max airflow 5000 m³/h
  • Max static pressure 1000 Pa
Fan type Fan code ErP 2015 ErP 2020 Lot 11 draft Motor power [Win] 0÷10 Vdc
Motor IP Power supply
SAREB 120/62 XPL SM00160 1F 1V SV00178 ok ok 65 ok 54 230/1/50-60
SAREB 160/62R 211100B 1F 1V +FL 1132001 ok ok 100 ok 54 230/1/50-60
SAREB 8/5 XPL CCW SM00058 1F 1V + FL 1132000 ok ok 200 ok 32 230/1/50-60
SAREB 140/59 XPL 211100H 1F 1V +FL SV00152 ok ok 200 ok 32 230/1/50-60
SAREB 120/62 XPL SM00160 1F 1V 1132002 ok ok 500 ok 54 230/1/50-60

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